Freight Forwarding

EF Freight Service LTD’s operating projects cover sea and air export, air and sea import and freight consolidation, triangle trade, express delivery, exhibition, dangerous goods and other services; business scope includes Southeast Asia, mainland China, Hong Kong, Japan and South Korea, Central and South America, Europe, the United States, Canada, New Zealand and Australia and other routes.

Air Freight

EF Freight Service LTD provides a full range of customized air transportation services.

We offer a one-stop shop for fast service for time-sensitive, refrigerated goods.

Sea Freight

EF Freight Service LTD provides a full range of customized shipping services.

We provide a one-stop service for fast service regardless of the whole container(FCL) or bulk cargo (LCL).

Truck Freight

Truck transportation is an important transport from the airport or port to the customer warehouse

EF Freight Service Ltd. and our partners provide trucking services in various countries.

Cargo Insurance

Sea and air transport companies usually guarantee basic insurance for cargo transportation. However, with the characteristics of the goods, we will advise customers to guarantee proper insurance.

Dangerous Goods

Any item or substance that causes damage to you, the transporter, the receiving customer, other shipments shipped together, or the global environment, if not handled properly, is considered dangerous goods.

EF Freight Service Ltd. has a license to handle dangerous goods and has many years of experience in handling dangerous goods.

Custom Brokerage

EF Freight Service Ltd. can provide import and export declaration services on a global scale. We can work with our customers to help our customers understand and provide professional advice on customs clearance processes in various countries around the world. Assist with customs and other government agencies or authorities to communicate with customs clearance matters as needed.

Supply Chain

We provide global warehousing, cross-border logistics and distribution services, information integration, supply chain planning.

Products: such as cold collection, dangerous goods, medicines, oversize equipment, dangerous goods transportation, coffee beans, cheese, Electronics, and furnitures.


EF Freight Service Ltd. and our partners have warehouses in many major regions of the world.

We can provide advanced warehousing services.

Advanced warehousing system provides instant stock availability of individual warehouses.


EF Freight Service Ltd. and our partners can provide various logistics and distribution services.

Combine with a modern warehousing system we can remote control through internet

play an instant order delivery service.


In recent years, e-commerce has become the mainstream of consumption. How to quickly and efficiently deliver the goods from its own company to the hands of customers is a key to e-commerce.

EF Freight Service Ltd. combines modern warehousing and logistics with our partners and network system

We can quickly and efficiently deliver the goods to the customer’s hands.

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